Action Words vocabulary pirate volley game. Learn new English words:dancing, flying, jumped, listening, reading, running, singing, sitting, writing. Improve your English Language (and ESL ) skills by playing this pirate volley game. Each pirate volley game contains questions with pictures to make it appealing to children. There is also the fun part with contestants striking and sinking the pirate’s boat. This game is a suitable for homeschool, classrooms (as a group activity) and self-study. Have fun learning English Language.

What is a verb and examples ?

It is not uncommon for people learning English as a second language to ponder about what is a verb and example. Simply defined, a verb is an action word. This means a word that designates the act of doing something. It could be puzzling to think that sleeping or sitting for example are verbs – true they are! The act of sleeping is a verb; same too as it is that of sitting. If you continue pondering about the question ‘what is a verb and examples’ then some examples are more obvious e.g. running is a verb and it is easy to see a lot of action in it. Swimming is another verb. From here on it is easy for children to think about a list of verbs and from now understand that a verb is an action word. This game contains a vocabulary test with multiple choice questions in the form of an online English fun game.