Action Words vocabulary space shuttle game. Learn new English words:dancing, flying, jumped, listening, reading, running, singing, sitting, writing. Improve your English Language (and ESL ) skills by playing this space shuttle game. Each space shuttle game contains questions with colorful graphics to make it appealing to children. There is also the fun part with contestants racing with their shuttle as fast as they can, avoiding being hit by the asteroid. This game is a suitable for homeschool, classrooms (as a group activity) and self-study. Have fun learning and teaching English Language.

Verbs in English

Verbs in English are words that refer to some sort of action. In this interactive game, some examples of verbs have been illustrated with pictures. This game serves as a vocabulary test. There are different types of verbs in English – two main categories are regular and irregular verbs. Leaving the two categories aside, it is worth noting that identifying verbs in English are pretty straight forward. The main guiding element is if the word designates an action. For example, dancing, laughing, eating and so on. This website contains vocabulary exercises for people taking English as a second language or native speakers who are at their primary level of the language. After playing this esl game and vocabulary test, children will increase their list of verbs in English.

Action words with pictures

This is an interactive educational fun game on action words with pictures. This game makes building new skills in English language vocabulary easy since each action shown on a picture is accompanied by the designating verb and a MCQ test to go with it. Action words are also referred to as verbs in the English language. The act of doing something is represented by a word or verb. Some verbs might make you think they are not verbs e.g. sleeping might be confused with not doing an action. But that is not true, sleeping is an act and hence and action word. The list of verbs in the English language is long hence it is important to master some key ones as an ESL leaner at beginner level. This game is handy since those that are recurrent could be learnt. The current activity is also in the form of a quiz trivia and educational fun game. Learn action words with pictures while playing this game.