English Language PowerPoint on Sports:football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, handball, kickboxing, martial arts, ping pong, baseball, bowling, billiards, golf, boxing, cricket, equestrian, fencing, gymnastics, badminton, tennis, high jump, wrestling, sumo, cycling, car racing, hurdles, javelin, long jump, running, water polo, water skiing, speed skating, archery, crew, diving, surfing, swimming, bobsled, ice hockey, ice scatting, ski. ESL Vocabulary PPT TEFL teachers. Free PPT Download.

Learn new words and English vocabulary about sports activities

Learn new words and English vocabulary about sports activities – The  ESL Vocabulary powerpoint on Sports is specialy designed to enhanced kids knowledge on vocabulary. Kids are expected to get a grasp in sporting vocabulary with their hands on learning activities. Sporting activities are a wonderful way to show kids that learning can be fun. These activities for kids include hands-on projects and  sporting games that are both interesting,skill building and educational. With fun activities for kids in subjects like English ranging from vocabulary and spelling skill building. School kids can do sports either indoors and outdoors. When it comes to extracurricular activities, you really can’t beat sports for kids. Joining a sports team helps your child stay active, practice and learn sportsmanship, improve social skills and concentration, and develop a hobby he can enjoy for life. But not all sports for kids are created equal. To match your child with the right sport, consider her size, age, skills, abilities, and above all, her interests.