Jobs Profession vocabulary catapult action game. Learn new words: astronaut, doctor, farmer, football player, lumberjack, pilot, police officer, referee, soccer player, soldier, typist, teacher . Improve your English Language (and ESL ) skills by playing this catapult action game. Each catapult action game contains questions with colorful illustrations to make it appealing to children. There is also the fun part with contestants shooting their opponents castle. This game is a suitable for homeschool, classrooms (as a group activity) and self-study. Have fun learning English Language.

Types of jobs ESL lesson

A job refers to what people generally do to earn a living. What people do at their jobs is what makes a society to function. For example a police officer ensures security, a doctor ensures health etc. In an types of jobs ESL lesson, children are taught vocabulary about different jobs and the role each person performs while doing that job. The types of jobs ESL lesson also incorporates an element of asking kids about the types of careers they anticipate taking on when they grow older. This game combines visual elements and also asks about the functions of each job with the aid of an educational fun game trivia with MCQ’s for each question. This game will also work as a vocabulary test at home or in the classroom. Have fun playing this game and also remember to take more tests on types of jobs by going to the worksheets section of eslvocabfox and simply downloading the pdf files of interest.