English Vocabulary Game on Insects for kids

Names Of Insects vocabulary rally game. Learn new ESL words:ant, bee, beetle, butterfly, cockroach, dragonfly, flea, fly, ladybug, grasshopper, moth, scorpion. Improve your English Language (and ESL ) skills by playing this rally game. Each rally game contains questions with pictures to make it appealing to children. There is also the fun part with contestants trying to win a car race. This game is a suitable for homeschool, classrooms (as a group activity) and self-study. Have fun learning English Language.

This is an English language vocabulary game on insects for kids who are seeking to increase their language skills. Insects have unique characteristic; come are very colorful, others fly, other crawl while others are a nuisance to man. In addition some insects become available depending on the different seasons and climates. Some people are attracted to insects and have insect collections like butterflies and beetle collection. Kids are also particularly attracted by colorful butterflies. But can you imagine how frustrating it feels if you don’t know the name of some of these insects? This ESL game is a great place to start increasing like list of insect names. Some common insects for kids to know are especially those we encounter often in our gardens and fields. Learn with fun by playing this educational game.