ESL Word Shapes Vocabulary Worksheets – Learn to spell and write out new English language words. Improve your English vocabulary as a learner of ESL. As a TEFL, download and print out these sheets to supplement your regular course. These are also good for children as a homework supplement. The following English language topics are covered: everyday wordspast tense, prehistoric animals, weather, volcanoes, geography, math, maps, glacial features, animals, deserts, country capitals, word opposites, sports and active life, earth.

Antonyms Vocabulary Word Shapes Worksheets

Commonly Used Vocabulary Word Shapes Worksheets

Country Capitals Word Shapes Worksheets


Music Vocabulary Word Shapes Worksheets

Past Tense Word Shapes Worksheets

Plurals Word Shapes Worksheets

Solar System Word Shapes Worksheets



Vegetables Word Shapes Worksheets

Weather Word Shapes Worksheets

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